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Dear readers,

I am proud to present the new issue of the electronic Newsletter. Let me briefly summarize the ACA-Europe´s seminar entitled Supreme Administrative Courts and the Right to Publicity, Privacy and Information that took place at the seat of the Supreme Administrative Court in Brno on May 18th, 2015.

Generally speaking, it was profoundly inspiring to share many different perspectives and ideas across Europe regarding the right to information and privacy protection. I am deeply convinced that these enriching experiences, debates and feedback will be valuable for the decision-making in future.

The participants of the round tables explored many new horizons and had the opportunity to compare their own experience with the current practice and decision-making of their colleagues from other European countries. Furthermore, Mrs. Věra Jourová, the European Union´s Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, presented the recent developments on the Reform on Data Protection. Finally, I would like to announce that the topic of right to information and privacy, as well as many specific issues analysed during this seminar, will be further developed during the 25th annual colloquium of the Association that will be held next year.

Let me conclude with best wishes for the upcoming summer months.

Josef BAXA

President of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic


A seminar focusing on the relation of Supreme administrative courts and the evolution of the right to publicity, privacy and information, was organised on 18th of May 2015 in the building of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic located in Brno. The seminar was attended by 25 member courts, one observer and two guest courts.

The seminar opened with a speech by Mrs Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality. Commissioner Jourová not only has roots in the Czech Republic, she also had a special interest in the topic of the seminar as two of her main responsibilities as a European Commissioner are:

  • Ensuring the swift adoption of the EU data protection reform and modernising and simplifying consumer rules for online and digital purchases;
  • Concluding negotiations with the United States on a data protection agreement to protect the privacy of EU citizens wherever they live.


After many years of good and loyal service, Robert Quintin, our Jurifast responsible, will leave the General Secretariat on August 31, 2015. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for a job well done and we hope he can enjoy a well-deserved, and this time complete, retirement.

His successor Fabrice Van Michel, judicial assistant at the auditor's office of the Council of State of Belgium, will take over his duties and responsibilities. You can reach him

- by mail:
- by telephone: +32 2 234 31 72

As a reminder, the Jurifast RSS feed can be obtained at the following address: (possibility to subscribe to an RSS feed).


Since the Brno seminar, 13 collective questions have been asked and 16 countries have actively participated with 84 responses: the Czech Republic, France, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Portugal and Ireland. The 3 latest topics posted concern the following themes: "Review of decisions regarding the international protection", "Public Funding of Political Parties" and "art. 4 of the directive 2002/14".

The new dynamic of the ACA-forum was applauded at the General Assembly by a very complete overview of Lucia Záhradníková, Head of the Research and Documentation department of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic and by interventions of Jean-Marc Sauvé, President of the Council of State of France and Geert Debersaques, Secretary general of ACA-Europe.

Since the month of June, all the correspondents attending the Forum consistently receive a warning email for any new question or answer to a question posted on the Forum.

If it has not yet been done, be sure to register at the following address:

Tour of Europe

The Tour of Europe presents an analysis, by means of 76 questions, of the organization of administrative justice in the EU Member States and in Turkey. In 2014, it was updated partially for 13 countries. The translation of these updates will be made during the course of the year 2015.

ACA-correspondents are invited to communicate spontaneously changes in their country as soon as these changes have been implemented. There is no need to wait to be invited to do so by the General Secretariat. Although, there will be a call to update all data in the near future.

Contact address:


The library has been enlarged with two contributions from the Vice-President Mr. Sauvé. The first one is devoted to the relationship between national legal systems and European law, the other to subsidiarity.

These contributions, available on the website, are being translated into English.

Any contribution of a member of the ACA member courts is welcomed in any language of the European Union.

Judge Exchanges

The 2014 exchange The reports resulting from exchanges of judges of 2014 are available on the website of the association.

In 2015, twelve judges will do an internship of 12 days in 9 member courts of ACA-Europe. For the first time, the Court of Justice of the European Union is one of the receiving courts.

Member News

Luxembourg – 24 December 2014

By Grand-Ducal order of December 23, 2014, Madam Viviane Ecker was named President of the Council of State. She has been a member of the Council of State since March 29, 2001 and since November 18, 2009 she assumed the function of Vice-President. She is succeeding Mr Victor Gillen at the top level.

Luxembourg - 24 June 2015

Georges Ravarani, President of the Administrative Court of Luxembourg, was elected Judge at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. He will begin his term on 1 November for a period of nine years (non-renewable) and will succeed Dean Spielmann, current president of the Court and elected judge to the European Court of Human Rights for Luxembourg in 2004.

ACA News

Czech Republic - 19 May 2015

During its meeting in Brno, the General Assembly of ACA-Europe voted the candidacy of the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Serbia to become an observer. The Court was represented at the General Assembly by Mrs. Ivanović, the President of the Serbian Administrative Court.

Budget 2015 and 2016

May 26, 2015, the European Commission and the Secretary-General signed the grant agreement for the year 2015.

The 2016 budget planning is in progress. You can send your suggestions for seminar topics for 2016 (or later) to

Latvia – 15 & 16 June 2015

On the 15th and 16th of June, ACA-Europe was invited to the General Assembly of the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), which took place in Riga, Latvia. During the General Assembly, the EJTN celebrated her 15th birthday as well as the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with several judicial networks and associations, including ACA-Europe, a year earlier.

For the EJTN, the year 2015 will especially witness training activities tackling one of the most pressing needs of our time: countering terrorism. In addition, the network will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of two key-projects: the Exchange Programme and the Themis Competition.

Following this link, you will be able to see and download EJTN’s 2014 Annual Report.

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Tour of Europe


Judge Exchanges

Member News


ACA News


22 & 23 October 2015


Seminar on EU public procurement law in Helsinki, Finland

11 December 2015


Seminar on the consultative function in Brussels, Belgium


On Tuesday, the 23rd of June, a first meeting of the working group on the topic “Access to administrative courts and to decisions of administrative supreme courts” was held at the Council of State in Brussels.

This working group was composed by Mr. Jacek Chlebny, Mrs. Denise Renger, Mr. Frank Clarke, Mr. Louis María Díez-Picazo Giménez, Mrs. Mylène Bernabeu, Mr. Geert Debersaques and Mr. Joris Casneuf.

During this meeting, the object of the study was defined and the workload was divided.

During the meeting scheduled on 7 October, a questionnaire will be drafted that will be distributed among the members of the Association.

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The General Secretariat wishes you all a relaxing holiday!
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