About us

ACA-Europe is a European association composed of the Court of Justice of the European Union as well as the Councils of State and the Supreme administrative jurisdictions of each of the members of the European Union. The supreme administrative jurisdictions of Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Türkiye have an observer status, while those of Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are invited to participate in the activities of the Association as guests. Thus, ACA-Europe is a unique network of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions, that extends across 34 European states.

Our mission

The objectives of ACA-Europe are to obtain a better understanding of EU law by the judges of the Supreme Administrative Courts across Europe and a better knowledge of the functioning of the other Supreme Administrative Courts in the implementation of EU law; to improve the mutual trust between judges of the Supreme Administrative Courts; to foster an effectively and efficiently functioning of administrative justice in the EU; to provide exchange of ideas on the rule of law in the administrative judicial systems and, finally, to ensure access to the decisions of the Supreme Administrative Courts implementing EU law.



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