palacio de la magdalena The Menéndez Pelayo International University in Santander and the Supreme Court of Spain joined forces with the Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union to organise a seminar on the Convergence of the Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union in the Application of Community Law. The seminar was held in the University buildings on 8, 9 and 10 September 2008.

The seminar brought together representatives of the Association’s member courts (most notably the Supreme Court of Spain), the European Commission and the world of academia. It focused on two major issues: the role and contribution of administrative jurisdictions in the judicial construction of the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, and convergence in the application of Community law on regulated business sectors.

P1000119 Francisco Fonseca Morillo from the European Commission’s Civil Justice, Rights and Citizenship Directorate, speaking alongside Ramon Trillo Tores of the Supreme Court of Spain, who chaired the seminar.
Speech by Pascal Gilliaux of the Belgian Council of State. P1000134