DSC 5152 On 17 June 2008, Prof. Eckart Hien, who was President of the Federal Administrative Court of Germany until 2007, was awarded an honorary doctorate (honoris causa) by the University of Warsaw.

The ceremony was held in the university’s Kazimierzowski Palace in the presence of the university’s academic authorities, all the presidents of the councils of state and supreme administrative courts that belong to the association and the Secretary-General of the association.

DSC 5299
DSC 5399 The speech of presentation was given by President of the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland Prof. Janusz Trzcinski, who stressed Prof. Eckart Hien’s achievements, for example the key role he has played, especially during his time as President of the association, in promoting integration of the administrative courts of the ‘new’ Member States of the European Union into the association by stimulating and extending contacts and exchanges between the courts of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ members of the association.
This eulogy was followed by an address by Prof. Hien. DSC 5351